Navigating Articles, Sections and Categories

After you sign into the Help Desk, you'll have access to resources structured as Categories, Sections and Articles.  

Categories are the broad divisions for specific audiences such as Staff Resources, Student Resources and General and NEO(new employee orientation).  Sections are within the Categories and represent more niche subject matter such as Mac, Printing, My BackPack, IXL, Schoology, Pearson...etc. Articles are the actual text and instructions that get you the information you're seeking.  

NOTE: if you're not signed-into the Help Center, you will not have access to all Categories.

You can search for articles using the large search box.  Enter terms such as Password, Schoology, Google, MyBackpack, Mac, Printing, Phone...etc. to reveal relevant Help Desk articles.

In this example, "drive" is entered into the search box and a relevant article appeared, "Upload Photos/Videos to Google Drive."  Click the article name to open the article.









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