Setup the Parent Email Digest

Please sign up for the Schoology Parent Email Digest to be notified via email of your child's Schoology activity and Course/Teacher updates.  To setup the Parent Email Digest, follow these steps:


  • Login to Schoology
  • Click the downward-facing arrow next to your name in the upper right corner

  • Confirm you are viewing your child's Schoology account by selecting his/her name from the pull down menu

  • When you see your child's name in the upper right corner & can see the "checkmark" next to his/her name, click the downward-facing arrow and select Notifications in the pull down menu

  • In the Account > Notifications > Parent Email Digest page, select your options by turning "On" the Email Summary and choosing your Repeat and Time to receive email notifications of your child's activity from Schoology




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