CDS Student Email Guide

Carrollwood Day School Student Email Guide


Your student email address is:

(First Initial of your First Name) + (your Last Name) + (Year of Grad)

Example would be for Steve Jobs =

Carrollwood Day School provides students with email accounts for the purpose of school-related communication; they should be used with care. Please remember to follow the Responsible Use Policy when using any Carrollwood Day School technology resource.

Login to your email here:

username:  email address 


Please reset your password once you login.

To reset your password follow the tutorial here:

To learn more about Gmail visit:

Students should not send personal information; should not attempt to open files or follow links from unknown or un-trusted origin; should use appropriate language; and should only communicate with other people as allowed by the school policy or the teacher. Students are expected to communicate with the same appropriate, safe, mindful, courteous conduct online as offline. Email usage may be monitored and archived.

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